Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A walk in the woods

We had been talking about going to Balrath Woods near Kenstown for quite some time now so on Sunday morning we loaded the boys into the car and headed off.  The boys were on the look out for Gruffalos and hairy pigs but unfortunately they must have been off having breakfast somewhere else.  Better luck next time. :-)

Here are some pics from our morning......


  1. Gorgeous images Jane...I love the smiles x

  2. WOW what a fabulous set of photos Jane! It looks a fantastic place for a family photo shoot. I love how you've included the details ~ those tree roots and fungi are amazing ~ and you've captured some brilliant expressions. My absolute favourite is the close up of that little guy in the hat with ear muffs :) x

  3. These are fab, Jane! I love the first one with all the tree roots in the background. And there's YOU! You handed your camera over to someone else?!! Are you mad?!

  4. Ha ha, I set up the shot for hubby to take Sara. As you can see I wasn't too close to the camera. :-D

    Thank you Amanda, Wendy and Sara for your comments x