Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sisterhood Stories.....Favourite Treats

I love baking but I have to be in the right mood for it.  Sometimes it's easier to pick up something in the supermarket but you can't always buy what you have in mind.

There is one treat that I always have the ingredients for.... Madeleines.  They're very simple and quick to bake and the kids love them.  They're also perfect for kids parties.

We got hooked on these on our visits to France and always had some with us for picnics.  When we came home from our last visit to France I was determined to find a recipe.

Having looked online I came across one which has never failed. Honey and Vanilla Madeleines.

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  1. I should try these, they look yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe Jane :)

  2. ooooh these look delicious! I have saved the recipe....can you make them without the moulds? Will they work as well do you think?

    1. Not sure Kate. I guess if you only put a tbsp of mix in the bottom of a muffin tin it could work. You may need to adjust baking time/temperature.

  3. Those do look delicious. Thanks for the inspiration and the recipe.