Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sisterhood Stories......A new Dawn

A new dawn and all that it brings
is something to look forward to
as you hear the birds singing
in the trees
and a gentle breeze
brushing the cobwebs away.

The waves lap against the shore
and in the background a beautiful sky
with clouds of purple, blue, orange and more.

A new dawn, a new day, a new leaf, a new beginning. ~ Jane Packard

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  1. Beautiful poetry Jane- you speak for us all - and your picture is a real sign of hope too. xxx

  2. Beautiful words Jane, and the color palette in your photo is divine!

  3. What beautiful uplifting words and a stunning photo to match! x

  4. I feel so bad. I commented last week but, it didn't go through.

    I love your lovely words and the beautiful image that you captured. So soft and dreamy!